Raag Hameer.

Raag Hameer is derived from Kalyan That.Both the Madhyams are used in this raag.It is a Veer-Rasa (ie it gives us feeling of enthusiasm and courage of warriors).In the Aarohan(ie ascending swars)all Shudh swars are used and Panchan is forbidden(Vajra).In Avrohan ie descending order both the Madhayams are used Teevr as well as Shudh.At times komal Nishad is also used as in “Dh Ni Pa”during the descent.Swars Pa Ga Ma Re Sa,makes a dominant feature of descent.A special characteristc feature of this raag is the way Dhaivat is sung with a meend or touch of upper Nishad.It is an Uttarang Pradhan Raag which can be expanded in Madhya and Taar saptaks.

Aaroh-Sa Ga Ma Dh Ni Sa’.

Avroh-Sa’Ni Dh Pa,Ma(teevr)Pa,Ga Ma Re Sa.

Vadi -Pancham(Pa).


Time-2nd Phase of night.



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