Gaud Sarang.

Gaud Sarang is a daytime raaga,but gives effect of night melodies.The overall impact is identical to that in Raag Kedar or Raag Bihaag (they both are night raagas).Gaud Sarang has a Vakr build.Shuddha Madhyam is a prominent note but not a resting note.Resting note of the raaga are Gandhar and Dhaivat.Teevr Madhyam is Vakr.Teevr Madhyam is used with Pancham like “Pa Ma(teevr)Pa”.The basic identity of the the raaga is known by “Ga Re Ma Ga”.




Time-3rd phase of day.

Jati-Sampoorna–Sampoorna Vakr.

Aaroh-Sa Ga Re Ma Ga Pa Ma Dh Pa Ni Dh Sa’.

Avroh-Sa’Dh Ni Pa Ma(teevr)Pa Ga Re Ma Ga Pa Re Sa.

Pakad-Sa Ga Re Ma Ga,Pa Re Sa.


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