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Raag Hameer.

Raag Hameer is derived from Kalyan That.Both the Madhyams are used in this raag.It is a Veer-Rasa (ie it gives us feeling of enthusiasm and courage of warriors).In the Aarohan(ie ascending swars)all Shudh swars are used and Panchan is forbidden(Vajra).In … Continue reading

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Prarambhik Syllabus(Vocal&Instrumental).

Total Marks : 50. Pass Marks :18. Practical :40,Theory:10.No written Exam. Raagas:Durga,Kafi,Khamaj,Bhimpalasi,Baageshri,Bhoop,Des. Students should be well versed by one bandish including Aarohan-Avrohan,with Pakad.They should have the capability to recognize and differentiate between raags. For Theory students should know how to … Continue reading

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Puriya Dhanashree.

Raag Puriya Dhanashree comes from” Poorvi ” Thaat.It is an evening Sandhi Prakash ARaag.Re and Dh are komal ¬†and Ma is Teevr in this raag.Poorvi raag uses both Teevr and Shudh Ma while Puriya Dhanashree only uses Teevr Ma.It contains … Continue reading

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Tappa is a form of Indian semi-classical vocal music.Ghulam Nabi Shori,a famous singer is known to have made Tappa popular.He was settled in punjab,hence he made different Tappa’s in this language.In Tappa, there is less use of words,but in every … Continue reading

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Raag Asavari

Raag Asavari or Shudh Re Asavari is a fundamental raag in Asavari that.It is very similar to raag Jaunpuri only diiference being Komal Ni being taken in Aarohan .There is a considerable disagreement considering Re.The predominent view being shudh Re … Continue reading

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